Zoned 6

Sometimes, I hear people say they have a blissful and happy life but I never believe them, but at this point in my life I have to admit that life can really be blissful if you are with the right person. Every day for the past two weeks I watch Runo come home from work … More Zoned 6

The Caution Proverb

What is done is done. Executed choices can’t be revoked. Words said in anger can’t be taken back. Caution is the key. Caution is the guide. Caution is the light. Throw caution to the wind and a good life is gone. Keep Caution as a friend and live a healthy and meaningful life. Being adventurous … More The Caution Proverb

Zoned 5

My head is pounding like a band took up shop in it. I manage to open my eyes and sit up. “Fuck!” my head hurts so bad. I throw the covers aside and get up. I am naked. That’s queer. I don’t remember getting undressed, this isn’t my house also. I go into the bathroom … More Zoned 5

Zoned 4 

It’s finally Monday and I’m excited to be going to work. I prefer to work from home on Mondays, it was more convenient – I saw my therapist on Mondays. This Monday however, I was in the office by 7 because there was a certain someone I needed to gloat to.  I had finished reading the … More Zoned 4 

Zoned 3 

I’m so excited. Runo is finally coming to stay. I called Comfort to prepare a room for her. I’m giddy with excitement, I feel like throwing a party. After years of begging she finally agreed. Thanks to her boss. “I won’t be alone in this big house anymore” I said aloud. Runo and I have been … More Zoned 3 

Zoned 2 

I watched her as she stomped to the car. I wanted to laugh but I held it in. I still couldn’t believe she didn’t have a car. I watch her take off her heels and stretch her toes on the foot mat. “So where are we headed?”  “Yaba” she said with a little hint of anger … More Zoned 2 


Runo; P.A to the C.E.O of Shadidi Holdings, a furniture company on the West Side of Lagos. I feel so special and scared at the same time. I’ve heard a lot about the company and the strict way they handle their businesses. I resume work tomorrow and for the life of me I can’t find anything … More Zoned 

Beans palava 

Have you ever been a tight corner? One that you’ve tried every way to wriggle out of but the more you try, the tighter the corner becomes. That is the situation I find myself in right now. I’m kneeling in the corner my back against the wall in a very dark room with blood thirsty … More Beans palava 

Compunction (Finale)

“Where’s my husband?… Elvis where’s Jeremy?” I screamed as another sharp pain tore through me. I was gripping the handles of the wheelchair so tightly I’m sure my knuckles looked like they were going to pop. “I’ve called him ma, he’s on his way” “Okay I’ll wait” A nurse walked up to me. “The doctor … More Compunction (Finale)